Casino symbols

Finally I can show a bit of the work I'm doing right now. Here are a few of the symbols for an Iphone/Android Casino game.

                                               Click to enlarge !


Super Heroes VS. Hidden Objects

A recent project for a facebook hidden objects game released just before Xmas on "la FNAC" 's website.



Season's greetings !

As usual, never missing a chance to wish you all the best for the Christmas holidays. This truly is my favourite time of the year !


Here they come !

   It finally came out ! The new Moshi Monsters 3NDS game, which means I can finally show pieces of the work I've done for it (with the help of Ryan Baker's concept sketches). Click to enlarge !!!



This is what I do

 A little preview of all the games I've had the chance to work on and the client's I've had the privilege to work with over the last 7 years (click to enlarge) :